Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Pause - a little prose

I pause ...

To take a moment;
Blurry in this busy world.

I push play ...

A person speaks to a deafening crowd;
Threats, lies, blame, suffering
Power, greed, laughter, sadness
Weakness, faith, hope, fear.

The crowd consumes all in it's path.
Another crowd appears, seeped in opposition.
Leaders elevated to figureheads;
Figureheads to talking-heads.

I Pause ...

To take a breath;
Suffocating in today's anxiety.

I push play ...

Boats navigate rough seas
Of foreign tragedies.
Borders, walls, nukes, treaties;
Thousands of casualties.

The world is melting under our feet
No home is safe, no animal too.
Belief in what defines our kind
If its not too late to spare some time.

I ...

Try to pause,
but to try is trite.

Face the music
Or face myself.