Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Chapter 2 - Lost In Glitterdom: You Are Never Alone

- Chapter 2 - 



I thought I was in a dream... A nightmare. But it is real...


Every goddam thirty seconds. This is starting to grow old.


Not being able to move yet really hinders things. Why is that? Did I take something?


No... I do not think I do that kind of thing. Someone gave me something.


Mmnnn... It hurts all over. ...at least I can feel now...



Dusk again? Cool air sweeps through Broad St Alley, in a whirl of leaves and old pamphlets.

In the distance an engine roars. Oh no. It is happening. Someone help me.

Why am I panicking? It is only a sound... The silver bodied figure tries to slow their breathing as a dark van pulls into Broad St alley. Its' head lights, a beacon of heart-stopping fear.

Eyes flick shut. Please, no one notice me, please, no one notice me...

The van drives up to a row of dumpsters, just 5 feet away. A black bag is flung from an open door. As the door shuts, the van roars away.

All the tension releases from my face... My face! The drugs must be slowly wearing off.

Tiny pills, glittering on a silver platter; blurry images, smeared faces. Noise. None of my memories make sense yet...


A sliver of morning light falls across a shining face. Oh! It feels so warm on my cold, hungry body. A shiver runs through metalic-like limbs. I hope someone finds me soon, or maybe... Just maybe, I can try to move.

An arm jerks to the side and something metal clatters to the ground.

Not very graceful, but yes! Progress!

"What's all the racket? Some of us 're tryn' to sleep!" A raspy voice calls out from further down the alley.

The form tries to manage a reply, but all that comes out is a squeak.

"Yeah! That's what I thought!" Comes the raspy voice again," damn rats..."

Well, I guess we're never really... alone.